Posted by Mike Van (+40) 15 years ago
I have been a lurker on for a long time. I would like to ask everyone on this site to post a brief message which would give us a clue as to who you are, where you currently live, and a short message describing yourself. The latest posting about Pete Petro caused me to want to see some spot that would list such a roll. I will start:

Mike Van- 39 years old. Minneapolis, MN. Lived in Miles City as a child in the 70's before family moved away. Father worked on a ranch, and attended Lincoln School.

Poster? Not really.
Posted by deer_slayer (+490) 15 years ago
Deer_Slayer: 33 year old gutless coward

Occupation: slayer of deer

Location: the Mile High City (aka the Queen City of the Plains)

Favorite Blogger: Ike
Posted by Valerie Pachl (+67) 15 years ago
Valerie Pachl - 29
Graduated class of 1996 from CCDHS. Parents still live in Miles City along with my sister and nephew. Currently live in Bozeman, MT waiting for a teaching job to open either here in Bozeman or in Miles City. Love riding motorcycle and taking the pick-up out 4-wheeling! I remember the good old days of tearing up the roads out off Sheffield Road and getting the pick-up stuck trying to cross the Yellowstone River. Man what were we thinking back then? Oh ya we wanted to prove who's pick-up had no fear!
Posted by Bob L. (+5098) 15 years ago
Bob L:

Age: Old

Occupation: Prayer mat salesman

Home: God's Country

Favorite Posters: Chipmunk Ninja & Ike
Posted by ike eichler (+1230) 15 years ago
Bob L. and Dear Slayer, Thank you for the kind words, although the topic of this thread is who you are besides Psuedos. My name is the same as I post under Ike Eichler. I am a 35 year resident of Miles City, 75 years old, currently in between jobs. If you jump on this Old Bull,better have you spurs on and be ready to ride. I challenge all posters that don't use their own name to respond to this thread, not to me, but the thread. Ike
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18349) 15 years ago
Gunnar Emilsson, CCDFHS Class of '79, current resident of Helena, MT, reknown blaster of Miles City wildlife during hunting season.
Posted by Levi Forman (+3716) 15 years ago
Levi Forman

Grew up on a ranch in the Knowlton area where my parents still are.

Graduated CCDHS in 1995

Age 30

Currently in Livermore, California working as an electronics geek
Posted by Roxanna Brush (+117) 15 years ago
Roxanna Brush
Administrative Assistant
Living in Miles City
Posted by Jeff Newby (+155) 15 years ago
SSG Jeff Newby
Grew up in Miles City
Posted by Kevin Brown (+32) 15 years ago
I agree with the above that lets use real names. What do you have to lose?
I grew up in Miles City, attending SHHS and CCDHS, graduating in 1988. Moved to Billings shortly after and now reside in Cheyenne, working for Chili's restaurants.

And...Pete, my dad and grandma both said to say "Hi" and wished you well! Where's Beth at these days?
Posted by Betty O'Brien (+117) 15 years ago
OK - here goes - My real name is the same: Betty Carter O'Brien
I lived in the Kinsey area from 1941 then when in high school I moved to Miles City which was in 1947 - graduated from SHHS in 1951 - moved from Miles City to Othello, WA in 1958 and have been here ever since. Of course, retired!!!! Love returning to visit MC and miss the friendly people. What a town!!!
Posted by Tammy (+73) 15 years ago
Tammy Walterson Brenner

1978 CCHS
Lived in North Dakota, California, and Washington

Currently in Ohio (14years now)
Tax/Financials Nerd

Love to go home and visit Miles City!!
Posted by Shu (+1798) 15 years ago
Shumon "Shu" Pius; 30-something. Third-born son of Basil and Babs who still live in Miles. I was born and raised in Miles and graduated from Sacred Heart High in '86 (I was in the last high school class to graduate from there before it closed: I had only 15 classmates). I am a UM Griz alum who pulls for the 'Cats whenever they aren't playing the Griz. I live with my wife and 2 daughters in Savage, Minnesota, just outside of the Twin Cities, but we get-around to visiting home usually once a year. I'm a former radio announcer/sportscaster, having worked at both KMCM/KMTA and KATL among others, but am now a specialist for FedEx and I sometimes cook on the side.

Favorite bloggers? I like a few of them...but it's probably a 4-way tie between Bart, Richard Jr., Professor Hal Neumann, and the deer slayer - GO GRIZ!!!
Posted by Webmaster (+10023) 15 years ago
OK, here's mine. My name is Larry Antram. My mom married an Air Force radar guy in 1964, I was born 1967 in MC, lived at the Lynn McFarland Ranch (my grandparents place) 7 miles south of town, my father was killed in an accident at the same location in 1968 when I was 9 months old, my mom remarried a Leischner from Kinsey my sister was born and we moved to Billings around 1970 or so, mostly grew up in Billings, eventually returned to MC in 1982 to start the year as a sophomore at CCDHS while living south of town (at my grandparents retirement place on Log Creek, across from the flumes), and left in 1987. Have lived in the Seattle area since 1992. Was last back to MC in 1999.

Schools I've Attended:

Grade 1 = Bitteroot Elementary (Billings, MT)
Grade 2-3 = Beartooth Elementary (Billings, MT)
Grade 4-6 = Pioneer School (Billings, MT)
Grade 7 = Sierra Vista Jr. High (Canyon Country, CA)
Grade 7-9 = Castle Rock Jr. High (Billings, MT)
Grade 9 = John F. Kennedy Middle School (Eugene, OR)
Grade 10-12 = Custer County District High (Miles City, MT)
During Grade 12 = MCC (Miles City, MT)
College Freshman = EMC (Billings, MT)
University Sophmore = MSU (Bozeman, MT)

I was pretty good at dropping out. I dropped out my CCDHS Junior Year, my CCDHS Senior Year, MCC which I was attending at the same time, EMC my last trimester, and MSU my only trimester.

Places I've Resided:

- Miles City, MT (twice)
- Billings, MT (four times)
- Bozeman, MT (twice)
- Canyon Country, CA (eventually to become Santa Clarita, CA)
- Eugene, OR
- Gillette, WY <- the absolute most god forsaken place on earth
- Valencia, CA (a/k/a Santa Clarita, CA)
- Kirkland, WA
- Bellevue, WA
- Redmond, WA
- Snohomish, WA

Anyone in the future, who wants to know who "this jackass of a webmaster is", I'll just point them to this post.

Regards, Larry Webmaster
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3861) 15 years ago
Tucker James Buford Bolton, DOB 5/27/1946, Denver, Colorado, hard core unemployable, Viet Nam Veteran and advocate for peace, renewable energy and a sustainable birth rate. I am a proponent of Bio-regionalism and either more political parties or ousting the ones we have. I am a resident of MC for 10 years and find my friends and the cast of characters that reside in this corner of the west to be the finest on the planet.

I am a former HS and JR. College teacher, slash and burn So Cal property developer and City Planner. Yes, I say that with a mouth full of guilt. I currently am retired and pursue art as an avocation and advocate, supporter.

I have lived in Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seoul Korea, Selma Ala., Palm Springs, La Costa, Ca, Shreveport, etc, ad-nauseum. I sold out last year and moved to Alaska. After staring at The Miles City cam for three months, I knew it was time to come home and home is right here. Ain't life strange?

You are all my favorite posters though some do tend to get tedious from time to time. You make me a more tolerant, patient person.

There is more, much more but you probably wouldn't believe me.

Larry, Thank you for this forum.
Posted by Sarahkt99 (+61) 15 years ago
Sarah Tribby - 26 years old

I graduated from CCDHS in 1999. I have lived all over since then, but have resided in Arlington, VA for over three years now. I am a Special Assistant to an Under Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon.

I try to get home once or twice a year. I don't think I would ever move back, but I have many great memories of growing up in Miles City. My parents still live in Miles.
Posted by Slosh (+693) 15 years ago
Josh Samuelson
I came to Miles City 7 years ago to play baseball at MCC, and I haven't left. Now, I am the sports editor for the Miles City Star and a hopeful lifelong resident of this great city.
I was born and spent a majority of my childhood in Seattle, Washington, but also lived in Spokane, Coeur d' Alene and Denver. My family moved to Helena when I was in the 7th grade, and once I graduated from the great Helena Capital, I resolved to never live there again.

I love Miles City, even with the normal bs of a small town.
Posted by Bob L. (+5098) 15 years ago
Bob L. and Dear Slayer, Thank you for the kind words, although the topic of this thread is who you are besides Psuedos. My name is the same as I post under Ike Eichler. I am a 35 year resident of Miles City, 75 years old, currently in between jobs. If you jump on this Old Bull,better have you spurs on and be ready to ride. I challenge all posters that don't use their own name to respond to this thread, not to me, but the thread. Ike



You old bull, you.

You'd better not buck too much or you're likely to break a hip!

Have you taken my advice relative to bran intake? Maybe you should.

Your pal,

Posted by Amorette Allison (+12509) 15 years ago
Amorette Ann Freese Allison--third generation Miles Citian, born in the 1922 annex in 1958. Younger sister to Bill, older sister to Bart, daughter of Jean Marie Bartley Freese and the late Dr. Martin Freese, who probably delivered some of you or gave you shots.

Graduated CCDHS in 1976. The bicentennial class. With red and white and blue robes. My mom said we looked like a clown college. Left to go to MSU in 1977. Met a nice boy from Whitefish and married him in 1978. Lived in Belgrade and worked in Bozeman until ten years ago this month, when we quit our (better paying) jobs there and came home to MC so Steve could take pictures and I could hang with my family.

Know all sorts of things because I do the Stardust column for the Star! I have recently seen pictures of lots of folks with embarrassing 'staches!
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10306) 15 years ago
I was born and raised in Miles. And although I traveled a bit (and had me some adventures) I spent much of the first 30 years of my life there. I've great memories of growing up there; I can't imagine that there was a better place to be a kid in the 60s than Miles City. The 70s weren't all that bad either (though I was at times a wild young man and often filled with an excess of youthful exuberance).

I most definitely was not the studious type, but I nonetheless managed to graduate from CCHS in 72. In the early 80s I was injured on the job and had a couple years to kill while I healed up - so I took some classes at MCC. Much to my surprise I found that I enjoyed learning and that I could be a fair student when I put my mind to it (who'd of ever thunk it?).

I moved to Missoula in 85 to take classes at UM. After three years I took a history major and a Latin minor. I was offered a position as a teaching assistant and so I took advantage of that to sneak in some grad studies. I spent two years in a graduate program with the History Department (History of American Foreign Policy and European Diplomatic History).

When I left the U I went to work for a public policy research firm headquartered in Missoula. While I was there the firm had offices in DC, Denver, Seattle, LA, Boston and a couple other places that I'm disremembering at the moment. It was interesting work. Over the years I worked on projects for various branches of the federal government (including the DOJ, DOD, BIA), various state and tribal governments, several multinational corporations, and others in the private sector. But after 12 or 13 years, I just grew weary of it. So I went to work for myself and now do freelance consulting. The pay most definitely isn't as good and my boss is a butt head, but the hours are flexible.

Ten years back, I met Susan. Little had I suspected by that stage of my life that I'd ever meet a woman who could and would accept and tolerate my eccentricities. Without a doubt, I'm the luckiest man alive for having met her. Last November on the spur of the moment we moved to King Salmon, Alaska. So far it seems to be a good place to call home.

I don't often return to Miles - and that is not because I don't enjoy seeing family and old friends (as I certainly do). Mostly it has to do with that exuberance I mentioned above. For some reason my first impulse upon arriving in Miles is to try to relive that exuberant past . . . so I think it best not to temp myself too often.

Hobbies? Well I'm teaching myself to use a shepherd's sling - so far on a good day I can usually hit the ground in front of me.

My favorite poster here? Why each and everyone of you of course.

Well . . . That's me in a nutshell
Posted by Linda Morgan (+584) 15 years ago
My name is Linda Morgan which of course you all know by now ....I live in rural Powder River County right on top of Custer County husband and I are retired and live in what we considered the nicest place on earth....Unfortunately I am extremely disabled and not able to get out and about anymore but I try from time to time....since I have been in Montana, i have had some really serious health issues and it was Montana's very good medical teams that put me back together twice in Billings....I am 63 yrs old and try to read alot about political issues as well as "history repeating itself" and I lately have been reading about Vietnam, which of course I remember too, and trying to see the parallels.....I truly enjoy each and every poster and have enjoyed the threads of Miles for some time favorite poster I would have to say is Bob L because he cracks me up and at my stage of the game a laugh is good for the soul.....
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15423) 15 years ago
Richard Bonine, Jr. Oldest of 13 kids. Born in 1961 on the 4th floor in the part of the hospital they just destroyed. Grew up on a ranch in the Pine Hills and then in the Yellowstone Valley. Graduated from SHHS in 1979 but attended CCDHS for VoAg & FFA.

Lived in:
Manhattan, KS - 2yrs ( graduate of Kansas State University B.S. in Agronomy. Single greatest life accomplishment.)

York, NE 3yrs
Gallup, NM 6yrs
Hastings, NE 3yrs
Currently live in Gillette, WY 3yrs - (Mr Webmaster: Gillette,WY is not the most "god-fosaken" place on earth. You should live in Zuni, NM )

I am a Sr. Environmental Scientist for a natural resource consulting company and a member of the LCMS. My wife Debbie (Bender) and I have been married for 19 years and we have three boys: Lane, Patrick, & Daniel.

Outside of work, drinking Guinness Extra Stout and posting here I have no life.

My favorite posters are Lee Ackers, Mr. Petro, Brian Reed.

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Posted by ike eichler (+1230) 15 years ago
Bob L,Here Kitty Kitty!! The mention of your name in one of my posts is better than Tuna fish. Thank you for the bran advice. Fiber-Con Works for me but I hesitate to recommend it to you, AS you are so full that ex-lax or Fleet may not do the job. The question still remains, do you accept the challenge and post under your real name? How are the sales of Magic carpets going? Your buddy Ike
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15423) 15 years ago
p.s. I am a white gun-toting heterosexual conservative Christian male, who happens to believe that spotted owl taste like chicken.

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Posted by Tony Ackerman (+193) 15 years ago
Ah what the hell...

Tony Ackerman
Recently a prodigal son of Montana, returned 2003 from the Puget Sound area (Hi Dave, Gunnar, yeah I did find a way to make a go of it out here

Originally a farm kid from Belgrade (born and raised), bounced around Wyoming and western Montana doing all kinds of work ranging from farming to wrangling cattle to drilling oil wells to working timber/grading lumber. Somehow in 96' I ended up twisting bits on these new fangled computer things, been doing that ever since, never have been quite right in the head after that.

Gale (my wife) and I moved to Forsyth in 2003 to help care for her mom who was in the nursing home there. Last fall we moved her to HR extended care, and in April we bought Marg Clark's house here in town and we moved from Forsyth.

Still 29 years of age, for the 21st time...

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Posted by Big Dave (+438) 15 years ago
Well.......I'm big, but my names not really Dave.
Posted by deer_slayer (+490) 15 years ago
Big gutless bastard. Tell us who you really are. 37 Senior citizens want to know!
Posted by Bob L. (+5098) 15 years ago
Bob L,Here Kitty Kitty!! The mention of your name in one of my posts is better than Tuna fish. Thank you for the bran advice. Fiber-Con Works for me but I hesitate to recommend it to you, AS you are so full that ex-lax or Fleet may not do the job. The question still remains, do you accept the challenge and post under your real name? How are the sales of Magic carpets going? Your buddy Ike



Actually, a 75 year old man acting like a tough guy on a message board is quite amusing and the reason I responded to your post. Tough old bull, indeed.

I'm going remote again for a week or so and will be unable to continue corresponding with you, my bestest pal. However, when (if) I return, I'll explain to you why I don't use my full name.

Happy trails!

Your chum,

Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3861) 15 years ago
Richard Bonine, I have always thought that spotted owl tastes more like Bald Eagle but that's just me.
Posted by Deadeye (+38) 15 years ago
Deadeye: Illigal immigrant, currently recieving social security, and am on foodstamps. Trying now for my own mobility scooter. Soon I'll have my own personal CNA. I love this country!

Favorite posters: Early Christi Brinkley, Leia Skywalker; Frosted Flakes edition.

Favorite people on Ike and Kyle, too easy.
Posted by Jeremy Orthman (+438) 15 years ago

Very interesting I work right near you.

I think my handle speaks for itself, graduated with Levi and good friend with Jeff's brother.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6123) 15 years ago
My name is Brian A. Reed (the A is for Arthur). I am 30 years old. I graduated from CCDHS in 1995. I work in the Financial Aid office of Montana State University - Billings. I am a former Sports Editor of the Miles City Star. I am the unabashedly proud father of Kasey Reed (my "single greatest life accomplishment"). My "favorite" posters are Rick Kuchynka and all Bonines. My favorite posters are Bob L., Hal Neumann, Linda Morgan, Eric Brandt and Bridgier.

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Posted by Bill Gierke (+83) 15 years ago
Bill Gierke - born in Anaconda, MT 1954 and moved to Miles City in 1964. Graduated with Hal in 1972 and was part of some of his exuberance. Joined the Army and spent 30 years there trying to find myself. Also not a stellar student while at CCHS, received a BS from the University Systems of New Hampshire. While in the Army I lived in many different places throughout the world:

-Kaiserslautern Germany
-Erbaut Belgium
-Brooklyn NY
-Yigo Guam
-Nottingham NH
-Salt Lake City UT
-Newport News VA
-Honolulu HI

Spent 30 days under house arrest in Pyongyang N. Korea on a MIA/KIA mission in 2002. We brought back seven missing service men from the Korean Conflict.

I enjoy my old partners in crime, Chuck Schott and Hal Neumann.
Posted by Sarahkt99 (+61) 15 years ago
Where do you work?
Posted by Sandy Kiltie-Losing (+262) 15 years ago
Sandy Peaslee, confirmed lurker.
Born here and except for college and a brief stint in North Dakota lived here all my life. Graduated from CCDHS in '83.
Posted by Wilbur Cain (+154) 15 years ago
Just joined. Heard about the site at coffee other morning. Born in Sheridan 62 years ago. Ranch work over the years. Lived SE Mt/N Wy all my life.
Posted by Duncan Bonine (+280) 15 years ago
This thread's kind of like group therapy... uhh... Hi, my name is Duncan and I'm in recovery from Acute Middle Child Syndrome! jk!

I graduated from CCDHS in 1987 and moved to Powell, WY to attend NWC. I've pretty much been in the Powell/Cody area ever since.

I am a humble and grateful believer in Jesus Christ.

I am fortunate to be married to my best friend and the love of
my life, Wendy.

I am father of one, step-father of two, brother of many and uncle of more!

I make my living as a business manager/consultant/adjunct faculty.

My favorite hobby is building houses.

Oh.. and I don't play favorites or "favorites"!
Posted by Sharon Clarke (+78) 15 years ago
Shu! Jeff N!. Good grief I havent heard anything from either of you forever.......anyway

Name and location: Sharon :-). I was born and raised in Miles City, and still reside here. I graduated from CCDHS in 1990.

Little about myself: I'm the mother of two of the worlds most beautiful children (I'm not biased or anything, hehehe).

Occupation: Your friendly neighborhood banker. I am a work-a-holic and wouldn't have it any other way.
Posted by Jeremy Orthman (+438) 15 years ago

Fort Myer
Posted by Patti (+29) 15 years ago
Okay, I rarely post but I just did that so here goes...

Patti LeCraft, maiden name Browning
Graduated CCHC 1969
Places I've lived & worked: Miles City, Helena, Billings, MT; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; and Tulsa OK.

Returned to Miles City because after I went out and experienced the world, Miles City drew me home like a magnet. Living here is glorious...not perfect, but glorious. I work as an adm. asst. and I love it, but my secret desire is to be an architect.

I volunteer at the Art Center on weekends and I live my little life in a very ordinary way the rest of the time.

Oh, and I have a cat. Jootie (now you know who I reallyl am).

Thanks folks, it's been interesting reading about you!
Posted by Jack McRae (+364) 15 years ago
I am Jack McRae (no relation to Wally) and live on a ranch between Jordan and Brockway. My maternal grandparents lived in Miles City where my grandfather was an engineer on the "Hiawatha." We used to go to Miles City a couple of times a month in the 1950s and 60s to visit my grandparents so the topics such as where various stores were located are of interest to me.

I attended the University of Montana in poly sci and history but returned to the ranch before I graduated as I was needed there and thought that I would return to school in a couple of years. After thirty-five years I am losing faith that I will return to school. The poly sci is no longer of interest but I still enjoy history--especially Montana and local history.

My father's parents came from Scotland in the early 1900s and raised sheep in this area and I have been in the sheep business all of my life. For the past twenty-five years I have been involved with those associations that promote the sheep industry, including being president of the Montana Wool Growers, chairman of several national sheep organizations, and vice-president of the World Sheep Council. At the present time I am chairman of the Montana Ram Sale that is held in Miles City in mid-September.

My interests on are the history topics and questions. I do not read any topic that is obviously political as you are all wrong and I am the only one who really understands what is going on and knows all of the answers.

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Posted by Chuck Schott (+1288) 15 years ago
OK, here I go. Chuck Schott aka Charles Martin Trzcinski Schott born in Miles Town 1954. I attended Lincoln grade school 1-6 Washington Junior High 7 & 8 and Custer County High School 9-12 graduating in 1972. Unlike classmates Hal and Bill I was quite studious, graduating in the top 5 o/o of my class, I was very active in school politics, sports and charity works. A member of the photo club, band member and chess club president. This maybe the proper time to mention that I lie a little bit and have been known to embellish my past.

Moved to Billings after High School and lived in SLC and Denver(GO BRONCOS) before returning to Miles in 1979 working for the Pine Hills School for boys teaching wood shop and welding. I latter took a job in the Security Department where my size and temperament where more suited to the work.

I have lived in Billings since 1985 where I met my current wife of 20 years. I am a remodeling contractor and my wife Tracy works for a television station here.

We get back to Miles City to see my folks, son Charlie and to have an Airport Inn pizza not often enough according to my Mother.

I enjoy all the comments on and thank Larry for all his hard work on the sight. I can't wait until elections get closer so we can have all those heated political debates that brought me to this sight in the first place. I also am looking forward to the all "70s" reunion next June and hope to see all my old friends at that time.

Keep posting and remember how lucky we are to live in a country where we can speak our minds no matter how stupid some of us (liberals) are. Just pulling your chain, post on.
Posted by Salli (Scanlan) Starkey (+238) 15 years ago
How nice to meet you.
I have often wondered if I knew you, or your folks, or your grand folks!

I go by my own name. Born and raised in Miles City. I regret I dropped out of High School (I've had lots a school'n since), and moved to Texas the summer of '64 I lived in San Diego for about 4 years, then Phoenix for about 30 years. Now I'm 100 miles north in Cottonwood (between Sedona and Jerome). I have 6 kids and 12 grandkids. I work for Yavapai County. Just about 5 more years until I can retire and hope to move back to Miles.

Thanks Mike for starting this one.

.. . and I love this site .. bless you Larry .
Posted by Curt Hammond (+36) 15 years ago
Curt Hammond, 42, graduated SHHS in '84. Born and raised in Milestown. Some of you might remember me from Barn Player's (I was the guy who wrote the play about the whorehouse for the state centennial

I now live in Missoula, have a wonderful, very blessed life here. I've lived in the Bitterroot Valley and also Wasilla Alaska. Both remarkably beautiful places.

I don't post often, but do enjoy reading the "spirited" banter that ensues.
Posted by Kathy Venn (+38) 15 years ago
Kathy Venn 44, Born and raised in Miles and went to CCHS and graduated in 82. Live there till I was 21 and moved.
Now live in Phoenix and have been here for 22 years now.
Plan on retiring back in Miles!