Co-Ed Softball
Posted by MC REC SOFTBALL (+21) 9 years ago
This leaque is a co-ed recreational adult leaque designed for teams with an interest in enjoying fun competition.
All participants must be 16 years of age or older to play.

Rosters must be signed and turned in by the 2nd week of play or your team will not be eligible.

Teams may have up to 20 players on their rosters.Make sure you have enough rostered players as players may only play on their rostered team.Players will not be allowed to play for other teams at any time during leaque play.
Teams will consist of 5 men and 5 women on the field at one time.Team must have 8 players to start and finish a game. The ratio of men and women must be one of the following:
Men 5--Women 5
Men 5--Women 4
Men 4--Women 5
Men 4--Women 6
Men 3--Women 6
Men 4--Women 4
Men 3--Women 5
Player positioning: Defensive positioning shall include 2 men and 2 women in the outfield, 2 men and 2 women in the infield, and 1 man and 1 woman in the pitcher-catcher positions.In the case of unequal players {fewer men than women}, more women may play in the outfield but the infield must be equal numbers of men and women.

Each game will be 7 innings or 1 hour and 10 minutes. No new inning will be started after 1 hour. Games will be stopped after 1 hour and 15 mins and resort back to last completed inning to determine winner.
Mercy rules will be 15 after 3, 10 after 5 innings.

We will be going back to 5 pitch rule and umpires will not be used. Pitchers must attempt to throw "hittable" pitches.

For more information call Jeff at 234-6707 in the evenings if you have any questions. You may reply here to get your team a spot.
Posted by MC REC SOFTBALL (+21) 9 years ago
There will be a captains meeting on Tuesday the 11th at 7:00 upstairs at the cellar.
Posted by MeganBowles (+52) 9 years ago
What nights of the week do they play?
Posted by MC REC SOFTBALL (+21) 9 years ago
Friday nights.
Posted by roxie_lady (+41) 9 years ago
Do you have to been on a roster to sub? We played last year but I wont' have time to be captain of a team this year, but would love to still play when we are in town. Just wondering if I need to try and sign on with a team or if we can play for different teams as subs.
Posted by MC REC SOFTBALL (+21) 9 years ago
I will posting the teams captains soon and you may give one of them a call or just come down to the fields on Friday nights. Teams seem to always need players. League is limited to first 12 teams.

For more info or any questions, post here or call Jeff 234-6707