CCHS/ SHHS Class of 1964 Reunion
Posted by Mark Browning (+105) 9 years ago
Plans are being formed for a 50th (Oh, yes, it has been that long!) high school graduation reunion for early fall of this year, 2014.
We're looking at the second weekend in September since it would coincide with the annual car show (to provide a 60s backdrop) if they secure the 13th for that event. This is intended to be a simple gathering this year as the "All 60s" event is planned for 2015.

We would like to locate as many alum as we can and need to add to our email d/base. To verify yours, please respond to <[email protected]> and we'll keep you posted!
The email address posted here will be shared by the reunion class only!

Note: Make sure you use the "at"symbol in the email address as this post wants to convert it to letters.

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