Friar Prevention
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15599) 9 years ago
Even back in the Middle Ages priests left the fold to pursue worldly goals. One mendicant friar, tired of begging, turned to the florist trade. He thought he could make a living selling flowers to the people of his home village. He quickly learned the people were so poor they could hardly buy food, let alone his flowers.

Depressed and angered by his failure, the friar became a deranged people-hater who offered poisoned flowers to the passing villagers. Any poor soul who smelled the flowers promptly fell over dead.

Outraged, the village council sent the sheriff to arrest the friar. But the sheriff foolishly accepted a flower from the friar, took a whiff of its fragrance and fell over dead. Then the council deputized the fire marshal to arrest the deranged friar. The results were the same - one dead fireman. The members of council were beside themselves. How could the mad florist be apprehended? No one wanted to risk his life.

Finally, little four-foot-six Hugh stepped forward. "I'm not afraid to manacle the mad monk," he said.

Everyone was astonished at his bravery. After the council had deputized Hugh, he marched off on his mission. When the demented friar offered Hugh a flower, he refused it. The deflated friar then meekly submitted to arrest and Hugh took him off to jail.

This proves once again that: Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.
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Oh, bravo!