Cold, Rain, ICE
Posted by milestown (+354) 9 years ago
Monday morning it was -22.

Tuesday morning Everything is covered in ice, it started raining about midnight.
At least it warmed up.
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1915) 9 years ago
It was fun chipping the car out of the ice. Different, anyway.
Posted by Forsyth Mike (+490) 9 years ago
I ran the motor for a while. It probably cost me 10 bucks in gas but I didn't have a stout enough scraper to chip that stuff off.
Posted by RobertIceberg (+24) 9 years ago
HAARP activity?
Posted by ungyded (+48) 9 years ago
Posted by Renegade (+69) 9 years ago
Finally something good on this site
Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+795) 9 years ago
It's all because Miles City is located on the the North Dakota Slide. You need to stand out side (if you can) and blow as hard as you can Eastward. That will push the bad weather to the Midwest.