MCC College Scholarships???
Posted by snickers (+825) 9 years ago
I have an amazing MCC student that has been helping me out at my house with the critters 24/7 and even offered to stay at my house so I could make a quick trip to see my very ill mother. She even picked up and cared for the critters that came in while I was gone.
I called the college yesterday to see if there were any open scholarships that I could nominate her for but I haven't heard back from them and I wasn't sure who I needed to contact.
Does anyone know of any open college scholarships that may be available that I can nominate her for ? A teacher from her home town has also offered to help nominate her Thanks In advance
The Students name is Kareena Larson from Circle. she is in the Equine Studies program at MCC

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Posted by John Morford (+348) 9 years ago
Here is the scholarship page on their website:

Financial Aid Office number is: 406-874-6208.
Posted by ocne (+471) 9 years ago
Talk to Brett Badgett, too. If this young lady is in the Equine program, he is the instructor for that and is also likely her advisor. He may know of something that she would be eligible for.
Posted by Admissions at MCC (+379) 9 years ago
Thank you, John, for posting the link to our scholarship website!

All institutional scholarships (Pioneer, Honor, and named Endowment scholarships) at Miles Community College are awarded through our single scholarship application, which is posted on the website Mr. Morford referenced. Students must complete the application to be considered. While letters of reference are a required component for the scholarship application, we cannot accept nominations without the rest of the application materials - the student must complete the scholarship form and required essay.

Our scholarship application deadline for spring term (for students not already awarded scholarships for the academic year) is December 15, and the deadline for fall term (which covers awards for the whole academic year) is April 15.

Miles Community College will be closed December 23-25 and December 31-January 1. Our admissions office will remain open throughout the rest of the break and can be reached at 874-6101 or by emailing [email protected].

Thank you,
Erin Niedge
Dean of Enrollment Management
Miles Community College
Posted by snickers (+825) 9 years ago
Thanks so much for the info I did leave Brett a message. I know she really enjoys him as an instructor