Tree to give to needy family
Posted by Lincoln (+148) 7 years ago
Hi there!
Not sure where to post this, but here it goes:

My family and I are leaving Saturday morning to travel for the holidays. We have two little ones and love trees so we did have a real tree for a few weeks. Its a beautiful 6 ft. fraser fir we bought from the folks that are set up at Ace.

I am looking for a needy family who may not have a tree that may want it from Saturday until it lasts.
Just the tree, no stand or decorations. Or i guess you could borrow our stand and lights and I can get it back when you are finished.

If not, I will use it for our fireplace kindling when we return.

It was just a thought, if it brings joy to you to have a tree it would bring joy to me as well. You don't have to be a family- lonely bachelors and bachelorettes sometimes need a little decoration too! text me at 340-332-5143 for more info.