Christmas Trees
Posted by FreemanJTCA (+60) 8 years ago
Hey I was just curious, we moved here in September and dont know much about the town workings....where do we get a live Christmas tree when the time gets closer. Is there a tree lot or a place to go and cut our own?? Thanks
Posted by Sheri C. (+59) 8 years ago
Dave Thompson will be selling trees probably next week. He is the best in town! I am not sure about a place you can go to cut a tree but maybe someone else does.
Posted by Newt (+105) 8 years ago
You can go to the BLM and get a Christmas tree cutting permit. They will supply a map of approved areas to cut trees.
Posted by Mrs. M (+710) 8 years ago
Usually there are various charities selling trees. For years the Miles City Baseball Assoc. has sold trees and probably still are. The last few years they have had the use of Ace Hardware garden spot but again, I don't know if this is still the procedure.
Posted by TDF (+154) 8 years ago
Dave Thompson is setting up his trees across from Arbys. He also sells wreaths.