Cowboys vs. Central
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6024) 8 years ago

I took two things from this article:

1.) The Gazette recognized a couple of good things about the Cowboys.

2.) People already think that Central is going to be undefeated when they play Laurel in two weeks.

If that doesn't upset the players on the Cowboys - and I'm looking in your general direction, linemen - I don't know what will. Ask Coach Regan what happened when Central players assumed a victory over the Cowboys during his playing days. Ask Coach Stanton about how Derek Schell played in the second half against a heavily-favored Rams team in 2001. You would do well to respond to the challenge and play like they did.

Central hasn't lost a conference game since 2005 (21-9 to the Cowboys). which was the last season that Miles City won the Eastern 'A' title. The Rams aren't the same team that rolled over everyone last season - don't treat them like they are. Pop them in the mouth (metaphorically, why not) repeatedly. They're coming to your house - don't let them make it theirs (like Hardin did last season). Treat this like a playoff game, because it very well might be. Play hard. Play angry. Play the best game of your life.

Miles City fans - be there. Be loud. Show Central what a home crowd looks and sounds like. Some of the best games the Cowboys have ever played have been against Central - Parents' Night in 2001, the 2008 and 2010 state championship games, and the first 46 minutes of the 2011 semifinal come to mind. There is absolutely no reason why Central should leave Miles City content.
Posted by Kyle Stanton (+306) 8 years ago
Well said Brian. I really enjoy your analysis and statistics every week. I hope that BC is worried more about player Laurel than MC. It's a winnable game for us if we can stop the big plays, especially on the ground and force turnovers on defense. BC is definitely not the team of the past. Have to play with confidence and believe that we can beat them.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6024) 8 years ago

Okay ... not to pick nits, but I have to say this irritates me almost as much as Central counting its chickens before they're hatched.

Josh - we don't have to like each other. But at least give credit where it's due. In the bound volumes of the Star located in the basement of the very building in which you work, you have access to much of the same resources I used to compile the Cowboy Football record book. If I post something on here and say it's a record, you can trust that it's a record because I took the time to make sure I knew what I was talking about. And if you have doubts of the accuracy of what I post, do the research and prove me wrong.

Writing things like "Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure it would be Central's first Eastern A loss since 2005," is disingenuous as all hell, considering that said as much right here yesterday:


The reason I can tell anyone who cares to ask the score of every Eastern 'A' game in the last 40 years is because I took the time and exerted the effort to catalog the games. I continue to do so because it's a fun hobby, but also because I care and because I take pride in what I do, whether I get paid for it or not.

And it's "get past" not "get passed." You work for a newspaper and have "editor" in your title. Good lord, man.
Posted by Tom Masa (+2036) 8 years ago
49-13 Central