Cowboys vs Hardin
Posted by Bob Netherton II (+1906) 8 years ago
I see the Pokes won this pretty easily. Stats, Brian?
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6068) 8 years ago
I won't have the complete official stats until Monday, but I have a few preliminary tidbits for everyone.

- With the win, the Cowboys avoided losing consecutive games to Hardin for the just second time in the series history (2006-07). Miles City has dominated the series, having won 29 of 34 contests since their first meeting in 1979.

- The Cowboys have now scored at least 40 points in three straight games for the first time since weeks 6-8 in the 2010 season.

- I can't yet verify it, but to my knowledge, Ben Herzog is the first Cowboy player to record touchdowns by rushing, passing and receiving in the same game (the list of Cowboys with rushing, passing and receiving touchdowns in the same season is very short - Jeremy Pyle in 1997, Alec Haughian in 2012, and now Herzog).

- What I can verify is that Herzog is the first Cowboy player with at least five touchdowns scored in three consecutive games. Having accounted for five touchdowns against Livingston and a team record-tying six against Havre, Herzog had been tied with Haughian (vs. Dickinson and Havre in 2012) as the only Cowboy quarterbacks to accomplish such a feat in back-to-back contests.

- With another five scores on Friday, Herzog has accounted for 16 touchdowns this year: four passing, 11 rushing and one receiving - all coming in the last three weeks. He now has 50 total touchdowns for his career, a new CCDHS record. Herzog has passed for a team record 31 TDs and has rushed for 18, good for a tie with Gary Lucas (1981-83) for fifth-best by a quarterback in Cowboy history. Shane Cooley (2009-10) holds the career QB record with 29 rushing TDs.

- Herzog's 11 rushing touchdowns in 2013 place him in a tie with Travis Rauh (1993) for the seventh-most such scores in a single season by a QB. Cooley holds the record with 15 in 2010.

- With 227 rushing yards, Herzog ran for the ninth-most yards in CCDHS history and set a new mark for QBs, breaking Pat Regan's mark of 219 yards, set against Sidney in 2005.

- Herzog has rushed for 426 yards over the last two games, giving him the most rushing yards in consecutive contests since Kelly Strobel had 455 against Laurel (213) and Billings Central (242) in 1990. Strobel holds the Cowboy record for most yards in consecutive games with 463 yards (312 vs. Glasgow followed by 151 vs. Hardin) in 1990.

- Herzog now has 1,339 career rushing yards, placing him 17th in CCDHS history. He is one yard behind Matt Gittings (1,340 yards rushing from 2001-02) for fourth among quarterbacks.

If there's anything else of note that I can find after the official stats are run in the Star, I will post them on here. In the meantime, enjoy your weekly Ben Herzog-is-playing-out-of-his-mind fix.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6068) 8 years ago
Forgive the lack of formatting (it's copied/pasted directly from my Compendium), but here is the complete list of CCDHS 200-yard rushing games.

Note: I have personally researched every game the Cowboys have played since the 1972 season. Information prior to 1972 were taken from the 1983 Fall Sports Preview, which served as the ersatz CCDHS record book until I started compiling records in 2001.

If anyone is curious about any specific records or lists, please feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to share what I have. Unfortunately, defensive stats have been kept very inconsistently over the years, so I don't have a heck of a lot in that department beyond interceptions.

Rank Cowboy Season A-Y-TD Opponent
1 Kelly Strobel 1990 42-312-4 Glasgow
2 Curt Meidinger 1985 21-254-2 Sidney
3 Ted Matzen 1979 24-246-3 Hardin
4t Jeff Muri 1975 10-245-3 Plentywood
4t Derek Schell 2001 30-245-5 Billings Central
6 Kelly Strobel 1990 18-242-4 Billings Central
7 Brennan Haughian 2008 21-234-3 Glendive
8 Brandon Sandau 2005 19-233-2 Hardin
9 Ben Herzog 2013 ??-227-3 Hardin
10 Keith Wittenhagen 1984 30-221-1 Laurel
11 Justin Venn 1999 30-220-2 Malta
12t Keith Wittenhagen 1984 34-219-1 Lewistown
12t Pat Regan 2005 19-219-3 Sidney
14 Brennan Haughian 2008 10-218-2 Butte Central
15 Joe Baker 1995 14-216-3 Hardin
16 Jeff Losett 1974 18-215-2 Billings Central
17t Tom Peterson 1982 21-213-1 Sidney
17t Kelly Strobel 1990 26-213-5 Laurel
19t Ernie Bighorn 1980 10-212-3 Wolf Point
19t Shane Cooley 2009 23-212-2 Hardin
21 Justin Venn 1999 22-205-0 Hardin
22t Jerry Branum 1956 14-204-1 Hardin
22t Rob Dinardi 1989 19-204-2 Laurel
22t Joe Baker 1994 15-204-3 Havre
25 Ted Matzen 1979 26-202-2 Sidney
26t Leroy Clark 1954 23-201-4 Lewistown
26t Shane Cooley 2010 17-201-4 Columbia Falls
28 Ron Muri 1971 ??-200-? ???
Posted by Hannah Nash (+2533) 8 years ago

Excellent stats! Thanks, Brian!
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6068) 8 years ago
No problem, Hannah.

I don't have complete stats for every team for every season, but here is a list of the Class A quarterbacks I am aware of who have rushed for over 200 yards in a game since 2000. I have no doubt that there are more, but I also know that if there are, there isn't a database of them.

I do have complete records for Miles City, Billings Central, Butte Central, Dillon, and Havre and as much as I have been able to scrape together from myriad sources for the other Class A schools throughout the state.

(Don't get me started on the limitations of what passes for the MHSA record book).

2001 - Jeff Fischer, Laurel - 325 yards vs. Billings Central (5 TDs)
2005 - Pat Regan, Miles City - 219 yards vs. Sidney (3 TDs)
2006 - Matt Ritter, Butte Central - 208 yards vs. Browning (2 TDs)
2008 - Joel Fuller, Libby - 210 yards vs. Polson (2 TDs)
2009 - Shane Cooley, Miles City - 212 yards vs. Hardin (2 TDs)
2009 - Andy Ritter, Butte Central - 203 yards vs. Columbia Falls (3 TDs)
2010 - Shane Cooley, Miles City - 201 yards vs. Columbia Falls (4 TDs)
2013 - Cory Stanberry, Anaconda - 203 yards vs. Libby (2 TDs)
2013 - Ben Herzog, Miles City - 227 yards vs. Hardin (3 TDs)
Posted by Denise Selk (+1672) 8 years ago
I second Hannah's comments. Very much appreciated, Brian!