Tongue River Vineyard last week of Harvest!
Posted by Bob & Marilyn Thaden (+46) 9 years ago
Tongue River Winery will have its last harvests this week:
Tuesday Sept 24: about 750 lbs
Friday, Sept 27: about 1500 lbs
Saturday, Sept 28. about 1500 lbs

Each day at 8 a.m. Low impact safe grape knives provided. This is a family friendly activity. Please let me know by email if you can help so we can plan lunch accordingly. Tuesday & Friday probably hardest to fill, so we encourage interested persons to consider those days first. Call if you have questions at 853-1028!
Bob Thaden, Tongue River Winery [email protected]
Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+797) 9 years ago
It is a rare opportunity and experience to be able to labor in a vineyard in eastern Montana. I can just imagine the beauty of the grapes hanging on the vine. How I wish I could join you.

I hope to be in Miles City in October.

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Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+797) 9 years ago
I hope you get a good turn out before the first snow flies . We are already getting very chilly nights. Viva Tongue River Vineyards!!