For Teens In Our Area
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Are you a teen or do you have a teen that life has thrown a dramatic change at or is struggling with the frustrations that being a teenager can create? Join us and our horses in a fun interactive way to learn how to move yourself through the transitions of life. Teens in Transition is a powerful, fun, interactive class that is promised to help you feel more confident in your journey into adulthood!

This equine assisted learning class is for teens only and aimed at the teen that is in any type of transition in life. Through activities with horses, the participants will develop:

Creativity- learning problem-solving skills
Habits- breaking destructive habits and replacing them with healthy ones
Attitude- choosing happiness over bitterness and resentment
Motivation- accepting personal responsibility for relationships and successes.
Personality- recognizing personality strengths and growth areas
Impact- taking control of your life and future
Openness- learning to share thoughts and feelings while respecting others
Negotiation- resolving conflict while managing your anger
Self-confidence- overcoming fear of failure and rejection

*No Horse or Riding Experience Necessary
Student must attend both sessions. Wednesday, October 2, 5:30-8:30pm and again on Wednesday, October 16, 5:30-8:30pm.
Cost: $100 (includes both sessions)
Registration: Please call 406-234-0070 to register. Must be registered by Friday, September 27, 2013.
Posted by cs (+201) 8 years ago
More upcoming events and information can be found at or face book "Pivotal Movements Equine Program"
Posted by cs (+201) 8 years ago
This upcoming Friday, September 27th is the final day to register. Session One is on October 2nd and Session Two is on October 16th. Come join us! This experience is well worth the time and investment!!