Didn't want to waste a good rant
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3712) 8 years ago
On facebook I saw a story about some politician, someplace. It's not important to me anymore. They have all run together. He supports arming teachers. Bottom line, he shot a teacher with a rubber bullet during his instructions. You know, an accident, "You control your gun and I'll control mine." It's all very logical.

My facebook rant.

Lemmings, we are a nation of lemmings. Wayne LaPierre, piping one group over the precipice. The latest group of republicrats Leading the charge into Syria. Apparently gas is not an approved way to destroy lives. We can show them how it is done. Existentialists or the "silent majority" burying their head in the sand so they can't see the sky falling.

I suppose that we shouldn't worry. Not as long as our capitalist friends continue to drill, frack, belch smoke into the atmosphere and dump stuff in the ocean. You know, it's a trickle down economy and we will all benefit.

"This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper"

T S Eliot wrote these words after WW1. You know, the "war to end all wars".

OK? sarcasm alert off. Bring it, I will stand my ground.

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Posted by 007 (+156) 8 years ago
Watch out for the little red dot from the drones.:eek
Posted by Steve Allison (+976) 8 years ago
How come all the people I feel would be safe carrying a concealed weapon don't ever want too.
Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+792) 8 years ago
What's the difference between US lemmings and Canadian lemmings?

The US lemmings push and shove each other to be the first off the cliff.

The Canadian lemmings step aside and say, " After you."
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15122) 8 years ago
Tucker made a comment that sparked this thought. He said "Apparently gas is not an approved way to destroy lives. We can show them how it is done". That caused me to think about the two or three reasons used as justifications for war. Religion is one, and that would be the subject of another rant. The other is fear over what weapons our enemies have or what we think they have.

One of the supposed reasons for going into Syria is that chemical weapons have been used. (One has to wonder if these are the same weapons G.W. Bush allowed the Russians to move out of Iraq before the gulf war.) As terrible as a war with chemical weapons would be/is, I am unconvinced that is reason to attack.

I wonder if in yesteryear, nations attacked other nations because they had weapons of mass destruction like the trebuchet or caldrons of boiling oil? Can you imagine some viking diplomat saying "Sven, we must attack the French, they now have trebuchet's. We must draw a line in the sand." And then there is the escalation of the trebuchet war race, "OMG, their trebuchet's are now thirty feet long and can throw rocks 40% father than ours". "We must stop this".

The human capacity to dream up new ways to kill other members of our species is sick and sad. Escalating a war because some power-hungry leader has a new class of weapons is not the way to conflict resolution. How long will it be before we Americans understand that our arrogance and crusader mentality is betraying us? How long before we "beat our swords", however sophisticated, into "plowshares"? We are truly are our own worst enemy. Let's come to our sense and fix that!
Posted by Jeff Denton (+758) 8 years ago
I don't think the idea is to kill anyone, if by chance someone gets hurt then they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as I know the plan is to destroy the Syrian government's equipment used in spreading chemicals.
To sit there and do nothing is to tell the world that we don't really mind the use of chemical weapons after all. Kind of like everybody now knows it's okay to seize an embassy and murder it's personnel.
It's just that simple unless you allow everything else about it to complicate the decisions. I think we should tell Israel to handle it and use that $2mill per missile on something useful.