New Non-profit
Posted by Joseph ulrich (+239) 10 years ago
Just letting the community know of a new home based non-profit here in Miles City. I am currently 19 years old and started it when I was just 17. I started this non-profit after undergoing afew medical situations which still have complications to this day. It;s called Reality Relief. Reality Relief's mission is to provide a means of relief from reality for those in pain. The idea picture is to send children's books, new and used, music and movies to children's hospitals, family shelters, and rescue missions nationwide. I currently do not have a website running yet, but if you'd like to know more. Either shoot me an email at [email protected] or shoot me a text or call 406-839-5120. Thanks and loving Miles City!
Posted by JERRI HAYDEN (+15) 10 years ago
that is a very good and thoughtful idea I hope you have lots of success. should let people having yard sales know this. they could donate what they didn't sale.
Posted by slowman (+27) 10 years ago
Yeah been working on that