Probably the best gang fight I've ever seen.
Posted by ABE (+413) 9 years ago
This has the " N" word in it, but it is probably the best video I've seen in a while.

Posted by SeptyTwo (+672) 9 years ago
Great video..

Very "life like and real" quality where you would think that this was a taping of a real gang fight... then they blow you away when they ignite the sabers...

They have a "making of" video out there also... the part where the guy gets laid out with the punch to the face, I think that was the 2nd or 3rd take.. on accident, he REALLY GOT PUNCHED in the face !

Considering the quality and the acting and the clothes... you would think that these guys were actually hardcore gang bangers...

Funny and great video!

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Posted by ABE (+413) 9 years ago
Here's a thought.

Would it be possible to recreate the Cantina scene, down at the Bison?


And of course Han would shoot first..
Posted by ShaneF (+91) 9 years ago
Posted by brian_00g (+8) 9 years ago
Thought they'd be holding those sabres side ways...gangsta style