MCPD Yearly Stats
Posted by Doug Colombik (+58) 9 years ago
Here are some recent statistics from the Miles City Police Department:


Accident Investigations: 232
Accident Citations: 116
Moving Violations: 413
Non-Moving Violations: 325
Noise Citations: 3
Parking Citations: 48
Warnings: 1258
Police Calls: 5546
Animal Calls: 344
Felony Arrests: 101
Misdemeanor Arrests: 703
Juvenile Felony Arrests: 9
Juvenile Misdemeanor Arrests: 121
Persons Interviewed: 825
Criminal Investigations: 1896
Traffic Stops: 2351


Accident Investigations: 153
Accident Citations: 81
Moving Citations: 468
Non-Moving Citations: 335
Noise Citations: 1
Parking Citations: 52
Warnings: 1478
Police Calls: 5036
Animal Calls: 349
Felony Arrests: 78
Misdemeanor Arrests: 629
Juvenile Felony Arrests: 12
Juvenile Misdemeanor Arrests: 98
Persons Interviewed: 670
Criminal Investigations: 1777
Traffic Stops: 2106


Accident Investigations: 215
Accident Citations: 128
Moving Citations: 352
Non-Moving Citations: 480
Noise Citations: 4
Parking Citations: 119
Warnings: 2243
Police Calls: 5171
Animal Calls: 345
Felony Arrests: 48
Misdemeanor Arrests: 530
Juvenile Felony Arrests: 1
Juvenile Misdemeanor Arrests: 138
Persons Interviewed: 591
Criminal Investigations: 1428
Traffic Stops: 2373

Within the last year we have seen an increase in call volume, felony case workload and misdemeanor calls and arrests including more domestic disturbances and assault calls in the middle of the day. The calls for service that we normally have seen on the afternoon and evening shifts are becoming more frequent on the day shifts. We have also seen an increase in numbers of our sexual and violent offender registry. Our criminal investigations continue to increase as well. I keep records for the department which go back to 1995, and since that time we have never reached 2,000 criminal investigations. I will post an update on our 2013 numbers when they become available. You soon will be able to keep track of current news and crime stats on our new facebook page.

Doug Colombik
Chief of Police
Miles City Police Department
Posted by Mrs. M (+714) 9 years ago
Thank you for providing this information. I appreciate your efforts to keep the public informed.
Posted by ungyded (+42) 9 years ago
well, its only natural that the crime rate will continue to soar,
with the influx of people due to the BAKKEN oil field development.
kinda sad.

with that said...Good Luck Chief!
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15413) 9 years ago
I am curious about felony arrests. I thought only the sheriff's department could make felony arrests. Maybe I am confused.
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6168) 9 years ago
Yes, you are confused.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15413) 9 years ago
I am almost positive that at one time that in Custer County the Sheriff was the only one that could make an arrest for a felony. This was back in the days when Bill Damn was sheriff.
Posted by David Schott (+18389) 9 years ago
That's Bill D a m m.

Perhaps you're thinking of a time before Miles City had a police department. How old are you, Richard?
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1908) 9 years ago
The city was incorporated in 1887. I don't know when police started arresting for felonies but I never knew a time when they couldn't arrest for felonies. Based on old newspaper reports, police could arrest folks for murder back in the early 20th century. Murder used to be a felony.
Posted by D. Rice (+111) 9 years ago
I assume the confusion is stemming from the fact that City Court does not try felonies. All felonies are charged through the County Attorney's office and into the District Court. MCPD then works with the prosecutors in the County Attorney's office rather than with the City Prosecutor. Most felony arrests in Custer County are made by MCPD officers.