Miles Community College Play
Posted by MCC Play (+7) 16 years ago
Y'all need to come out and see the college play. This year, MCC is proud to present two one-act comedies by James McLure. McLure's plays, "Laundry and Bourbon" and "Lone Star", are set in rural west Texas circa 1972 in a small town called Maynard. Following a stint in Viet Nam, Roy comes back to Maynard to find everything has changed: his relationship with his wife (Elizabeth) is on the rocks, his friends (Wayne Wilder) are all gone, and his brother (Ray) has gotten stupider. He is a man who likes things his way, but nothing is going his way lately. So of course, this affects everyone else.

The plays are about redneck, hard living people, who are trying to reconcile their pasts with their presents. Other themes of the works include how one deals with the knowledge that everyone knows everything about you, and how the social structure of a small town is hard to avoid and live out. The plays also toss about the ideas of how war impacts the lives of young people well after the fighting is over.

Curtain is 7pm March 25, 26, and 27 at the VA Auditorium. Prices are $4.00 for adults, $2.00 for students and seniors. Darryl Kistler, the director, suggests leaving the kids home, and making it a nice night out for the adults, because these plays have themes, and some language that are more mature than some other plays that have run in Miles City. Nothing bad, and nothing the FCC would fine us over, but still it's a PG-13 play.

We hope to see all y'all there.
Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+393) 16 years ago
Rev. Darryl,
I so look forward to seeing your Miles City directoral debut.

Johnnie Lockett Thomas
Miles City's "oldest professional actor."
Posted by JOE WHALEN (+622) 16 years ago
Count me in, Elvis! I'll be there on Saturday night if I can find the keys to the El Camino...
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3214) 16 years ago
TINY ELVIS! TINY ELVIS! is that you. I'll be there baby, uh huh.