Concealed Handgun Training
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Concealed Handgun Training

When: Saturday, July 13 9:00-5:00 Trainer: Erik Fritz
Where: Custer Co. Rod & Gun Club Cost: $100

To Register: Call Shane Taylor at 234-7175

This is an Introduction to Concealed Carry Class for the individual who may or may not hold a Montana concealed carry permit and wants to learn more about the defensive use of a handgun.
We will address the effective concealed carry and use of popular handguns. The course will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the various types, models, configurations and calibers of such handguns, as well as the most effective support equipment and methods of concealed carry. This course introduces the student to techniques for the defensive use of a handgun. Emphasis is put on shooting skill development for application in real-life circumstances. The fundamentals of mindset, gun-handling, and marksmanship are covered in lecture while the practical aspects are taught on the range. Other course topics include situational awareness, equipment selection, safety, handling, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, drawing and firing techniques.
Required equipment list:
? Centerfire handgun in a minimum defensive caliber (generally, 9mm or .38spl or larger)
? Ammunition- 100-150 rounds.
? Spare magazines or speedloaders
? Spare ammunition pouches, carrier, or magazine holster
? Method of carrying the handgun (i.e.- suitable belt and belt holster; shoulder holsters are not acceptable- you "sweep" others when drawing the firearm)
? Eye and ear protection
? Cap with a brim
? Rugged shoes or boots
? Lunch and drinks
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How much room do you have left in this class?