Posted by snookie (+236) 9 years ago
Farewell to a truely great man. He was excited to get to the big fishing holes and giant fish in heaven. I'm sure he's sitting in the shade up there now, along side the shore and reeling in some whoppers! Miss you friend. See you later.
Posted by MitchandCarrie (+155) 9 years ago
I remember when Ari passed away, coming to this website and thanking this community for all they had done for our family. I come here again to say THANK YOU. Mitch passed away on Wednesday, he and Ari are now together. We are very sad, but also very blessed to live here with you all. The funeral will be at 1 PM on Monday at Grace Bible Church and there will be a lunch to follow. Mitch loved living here and we are humbled by your kind words, prayers and generosity. In the coming weeks, I hope to get the opportunity to thank many of you personally. Bless each of you.

Posted by MeiMei (+161) 9 years ago
Carrie, Joey, Eli, and family,
Thank you for being a wonderful example of courage and love. May God Bless and Comfort You!
Posted by Betsy Schell (+13) 9 years ago
Carrie, God Bless you and your boys. Mitch was a wonderful man and very courageous. We are proud to have been able to call him our friend. May you and your boys continue to find strength in the weeks and months to come.