Please help me I can't figure out how to post some
Posted by Tacea Malone (+3) 9 years ago
I wanted to post that my family and I are coming to Miles City to visit family and friends. My mother will be with us and she has Alzheimer's and I am trying to find a trustworthy person to watch her some nights and some days for 4 or 5 hours each time.I need someone with references. They do not have to be in the medical field just have compassion and common sense. Also sturdy she does need help moving she has bad hips. Anyone out there please explain to me how to post and where I should post. Please let me know I have tried craigslist and other avenues. We will be in town this Saturday for one
Posted by Kacey (+3154) 9 years ago
I would check with Holy Rosary Hospital and see if they have anyone to recommend. They have a hospital and nursing home so probably would be your best best on getting someone to watch and help your mom. I know it's tough and taking a person with dementia to a different environment may often make them agitated so be sure and get someone who has experience dealing with dementia.

You could also contact the Job Service office and see if they have anyone who would fit your needs.

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Posted by Mandi (+358) 9 years ago
Friendship Villa Heath Care Community offers daycare and respite services.
Contact Beth Ann at 874-2687 for details