Posted by Ellen Kay Compton (+16) 20 years ago
I suggest that Miles City, MT hold a Western Festival to honor the founders of that town, Native Americans,
pioneers, and other people.
Ellen Compton
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Posted by Amorette Allison (+12003) 20 years ago
Of course, the founders of Miles City were bartenders and whores. My older brother invented a joke founder's day pageant. General Miles, mustache in full glory, pounds a stake in the ground and says "Okay, all the bartenders and hookers, two miles in that direction."

In 1987, the centennial celebration of the town's incorporation--the whole country was sort of centennialed out in 1976, which is why we didn't celebrate then--we had a big summer long hoorah including a bank robbery, posse, trial, hanging and barbecue plus folks in period costume and carriage rides on Main st. Loads of Fun!

I'd love to see something similar every year but finding folks to do the work is a whole 'nother issue.