Rose Albin Waldo Caler
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A 50 year resident of Miles City, Rose Albin Waldo Caler passed away peacefully of natural causes on June 4, 2013. She was 89 years old. Rose was born on a homestead NW of Sidney, MT to Ira and Dalma Albin. A shy, freckle-faced girl, she was the youngest of 6 children and spent her young life herding sheep on the farm. As was the tradition on many homesteads, Rose helped out at the farm after 8th grade and resumed high school in town 4 years later. She graduated from Sidney High School at age 20. Rose told her daughters that she never enjoyed that outdoor farm work while growing up, or as she'd put it .. "men's work in men's clothes". That influenced Rose for the rest of her life. When she was grown, she was glad to leave that outdoor work to the men and to always be dressed like a lady.

In 1944, Rose married Pat Waldo in Sidney, MT and together they had 6 children: Connie and Ginger came first, . then 6 years later, Kolleen and Cole . then 6 years after that, Tim and Tanala. They never wanted to raise a child without a close sibling playmate, so there were sets of 2 children every time. They lived in Glendive, MT for several years before moving to Miles City in 1956. Pat and Rose purchased the large green home that used to be next door to Stevenson and Son's and raised their family there. They enjoyed many summer family evenings on the front porch of that home.

On August 10, 1966. the day of their 22nd wedding anniversary. Pat Waldo passed away at age 48. Rose was left a young widow at 42, with 5 children still at home. Their oldest daughter, Connie, was married at this time. To be home with her younger children, Rose. with the help of her mother. built extra bedrooms in the already large home and set up a boarding house for 8 extra high school kids. These kids came from eastern Montana ranches and wanted to go to Custer County High School. Imagine the lively household with 12 kids under one roof!! Rose was an outstanding cook and had breakfast, lunch and dinner ready for all 12 kids every weekday during the school year. Stories are still told of the mounded platter of hamburgers Rose would have prepared at lunch time, only to see them all devoured in a flash! The older kids helped the younger ones with the `house rules' and everyone helped clear the table after each mealtime, before heading off to school. Rose changed linens on 13 beds every Friday and spent the weekend preparing for the students to return again on Sunday night. She continued boarding high school kids for several years.

An open home for guests and church friends was always found at Rose's house. After `retiring' from boarding students, Rose . with her brother, Paul. built a new house on the edge of Miles City. There, she maintained an acre of yard and garden, 2 apartments and cooked for a few years at the local VA hospital and Eagles Manor. Rose was always ambitious and independent. In her 70's, she installed her own underground sprinkler piping and was so pleased to see how well it operated! Rose enjoyed simple things in life. sitting in a rocker on a porch, laughter, and chocolate!

After 16 years as a widow, Rose met and married Ralph Caler. They were together 12 years before he passed away.

At 79 years old, Rose called her children and asked them to move her to an apartment near family in Billings, as maintaining her home setting alone was becoming difficult. Her kids came quickly and helped sort through, minimize, and move Rose to Billings. Rose often said, "I'm sure glad I had kids!" Though hard to leave dear friends in Miles City, she enjoyed her independent senior apartment and had her 80th birthday celebration there. Rose also enjoyed her life-long skill of sewing into her 70's.

In 2011, Rose's health was diminishing and she became a resident of Aspen Meadows in Billings. During the last 4 years of her life, Rose was closely attended by her granddaughter, Buffy Stiles, and Buffy's husband, Rick. Buffy and Rick took Rose to Sunday morning church, maintained her chocolate treats, and have spent countless hours sharing her company and monitoring her needs.

In the last few years, Rose would say "my memory is only a half-an-inch long", but she still joined in when familiar hymns were sung and enjoyed hearing about the Bible and life stories. Her faith in God remained very strong, even though her body was weak. Though Rose couldn't read the Bible any longer, there was constant evidence of her love for God, which had been in her heart since she professed to serve Him at age 30.

Rose was a valued mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and friend. Her example of walking with Christ also instilled a love for God in many who knew her. Even in her last days, the thoughts that came to Rose were of spiritual poems and hymns. Rose has reached the goal for which we all are striving. She has met our Heavenly Father.

Rose was preceded in death by her parents . her husband, Patrick Waldo . her oldest daughter, Connie Minkoff . her youngest daughter, Tanala . and her second husband, Ralph Caler. She was also preceded in death by her sister, Effie Savey, and Albin brothers, Paul, Dave, Don, and Ira Jr.

Rose is survived by 4 of her children: Ginger (John) Lawson, of Casper, WY. Kolleen (Butch) Forsyth, of Baggs, WY. Cole (Diane) Waldo, of Granite Falls, WA. Tim (Kathy) Waldo of Fort Benton, MT. and son-in-law Rich Minkoff of Billings, MT. Survivors also include Rose's 13 grandchildren: Randy .. Ron .. Judd .. Amber .. Buffy .. Chantelle .. Grant .. Tawni .. Shanice .. Chase .. Natalie .. Reece and Tanner. her 13 great-grandchildren: Chelsea .. Madison .. Krueger .. Brooklyn .. Konnor .. Kiara .. Sierra .. Roc .. Wyatt .. Mya .. Milaya .. Milan and Gannet; and 1 great-great granddaughter: Alexa.
Funeral services will be held on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. at Stevenson & Sons Funeral Home in Miles City. Rose will be laid to rest in the Custer County Cemetery next to her husband, Pat Waldo, and daughter, Tanala Rose Waldo. Stevenson & Sons Funeral Home of Miles City is in charge of the arrangements.
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Thank you for sharing. May she rest in peace.
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Thank you for remembering our mom. Many people knew her as she lived in Miles City for 50 years and spent several years boarding ranch kids while they attended Custer County High School. We all have such fond memories of Miles City. None of us live there any longer, but it will always be home. Our childhood home is no longer in the same location. We grew up next to Stevenson & Sons Funeral Home and the house was moved to make room for a parking lot. No matter.. we carried our fond memories with us.
It was a joy to see so many of our student boarders attend Mom's funeral and send notes to our family. Dallas Taylor made a list of everyone who lived with us, took the time to contact everyone and had such nice words to express. Thank you all for the flowers and kind thoughts. Rose's surviving children are: Ginger, Kolleen, Cole and Tim. We have lost two of our sisters: Connie Waldo Minkoff and Tanala Waldo, as well as our father, Pat Waldo.