How much rain ?
Posted by milestown (+311) 8 years ago
At Bergerson's Ranchettes we had 3 1/2" Wed. 4" Thur and 2 1/2" so far today.

Sunday Creek is fuller that the spring of 2011.

How much is everyone else getting?
Posted by cubby (+2627) 8 years ago
So your saying you have gotten 10" of rain in 3 days? That doesn't sound right at all.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+759) 8 years ago
Out at kinsey it was down pouring all day non stop for 3 days. Fields are flooded. creeks are over the banks, and kinsey road is closed this morning with water over it at the big curve right by the cut across. So maybe...
Posted by Forsyth Mike (+474) 8 years ago
About 5 inches in the last 5 days at Forsyth.
Posted by cjg (+69) 8 years ago
over 10 inches between broadus and ashland
Posted by Dillpickle (+34) 8 years ago
It's just enough. And in another 30 days or so, a little more would be nice.

Still though, it's probably not enough to jump start the lawn like i'd like to have.