Laundry Soap and other items/cleaning
Posted by Leann (+179) 9 years ago
While cleaning out an elderlies house, I have came acrose boxes of unopen laundry soap. Is there anywhere in town that could use them? Or can I take them to the food bank? Also need help on how to either dispose of house hold paint that has been opened to only do touch up painting with? Or will they make good yard sale items marked as giveaway?
Posted by Al Borden (+251) 9 years ago
Leave the paint with the house!!!!!
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11984) 9 years ago
East Main might take them to clean all the stuff that pets pee on. The soap, not the paint. I'd leave the paint with the house, too, so the next owner can touch up with the right color.
Posted by gypsykim (+1562) 9 years ago
The food bank will definitely take the laundry detergent. And I agree with leaving the paint.
Posted by RB (+443) 9 years ago
I've been wondering the same thing. When we moved into our current house the previous owners left a bunch of what I consider nasty cleaning supplies, and they've just been taking up space. They're all opened so I didnt know what to do with them? I dont want to throw them away and they go to complete waste tho!