World's Smallest Flying Robot
Posted by Webmaster (+10013) 9 years ago
BBC wrote:
Scientists in the US have created a robot the size of a fly that is able to perform the agile maneuvers of the ubiquitous insects.

This "robo-fly", built from carbon fibre, weighs a fraction of a gram and has super-fast electronic "muscles" to power its wings.

Posted by Alank Rodriguez (+9) 8 years ago
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Posted by ShaneF (+93) 8 years ago
I don't watch the TV news because I don't beleive it. I live a busy life, so I don't have time to look at the Internets and seperate the news from the dross. Thank you again for performing this service, Webmaster, for doing the footwork. This bit of news right here, for example, doesn't really affect me that I know of. But I like it.

I think the fly will be used less for search and rescue and more for corporate espionage. The conspiracy mind within also sees much use in public surveillance. But I'm weird like that, and uninformed by choice. So take my words with a grain of salt.