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I saw the thread about starting up a homebrew club in Miles. Hope it gets off the ground and folks enjoy brewing & sharing their beers. The only thing better than enjoying a good pint is enjoying a good pint that you or a friend brewed.

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Nearly 4,000 years five poems were set to writing in Sumer, which lay in Mesopotamia, the Land between the Rivers,. Together these poems form a body of work known today as the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Epic, one of the old pieces of literature we know of, touches on many themes. One of which is the introduction of Enkidu to civilization. Enkidu, sometimes referred to as the Wild Man, was what we might call a hunter-gather, a man unacquainted with what a sedentary / civilized way of life had to offer.

Enkidu's guide to what settled-life had to offer was woman, known as the Hetaera (the Courtesan).

How the Hetaera schooled Enkidu

Bread which she set before him he broke, but he gazed and he stared:
Enkidu bread did not know how to eat, nor had he the knowledge Beer how to quaff!
(Then) the woman made answer, to Enkidu speaking,
"Enkidu, taste of the bread, (for) of life 'tis, in truth, essential,
Drink thou, (too), of the beer, 'tis the wonted habit of the land."
Enkidu ate of the bread, (aye, ate) until he was gorged,
Drank of the beer seven full flagons; his spirits rose, (and he was) exultant,
Glad was his heart, and cheerful his face.

--Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet 2, Column III. ca. 1800 BCE

"Glad was his heart and cheerful his face."

Yup . . . that's beer alright.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+14303) 7 years ago