Alcohol Awareness Month
Posted by EMC-CD-Prevention (+12) 8 years ago
April is observed as "Alcohol Awareness Month". It is a month aimed at educating and raising awareness of underage drinking, alcohol abuse, treatment and other related issues.
1. Talk with your kids, teens and young adult children.
2. Avoid over consumption of alcohol at parties, pubs and other social settings.
3. Get employees who sell alcohol to double check the age and intoxication of customers.
4. Know the effects of alcohol when pregnant.
5. Recognize if you are drinking too much.
6. Convince your loved ones to advice if they're suffering from a drinking problem, such as addiction to alcohol or rage brought on by drinking.

Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of health-related problems like injuries, violence, liver diesease and types of cancer.
Posted by Emilie Boyles (+246) 8 years ago
This is also a great time for all businesses who sell or serve alcohol to make sure all of their employees have current alcohol server cards!

A law went into effect in early 2012 that requires any employee of a business licensed to sell or serve to take obtain certification within 60 days of employment from a state-approved program.

I am able to provided the classes and training if your business does not have a trainer.

There is a class in Glendive next Wednesday, register at 406-235-6994.
I can come to Miles City if there are 10 or more who need certification.

Additionally, you can find other pre-approved trainers and programs at
Posted by EMC-CD-Prevention (+12) 8 years ago
Thank you for your post about the seller/server certification. We offer the "Let's Control It" Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service trianing here at the Eastern Montana Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Center. Our next class is scheduled for Saturday April 27, 2013, 1:00, at 2508 Wilson St.
This would be a great opportunity to get emplpyees certified before The Bucking Horse Sale.
Please contact Lucy at 234-1687 xt.16 or [email protected] to register for the class.
The servers and sellers of alcohol in our community are the first line of defense in curbing underage drinking, over intoxication, and drunk driving. These prfessions haven an obligation to the well-being of the community and for their own personal effect they have personal risk and liability.
Posted by cj sampsel (+481) 8 years ago
Richard, Gunnar I've been waiting for you to break the ice on this
so Iquess I'll have to.
A co-worker and I are going to the Blackfoot Brewery after work.
Our first toast will be to this occassion. We will drink responsibley.
(Damn smartasses on this site)
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+14957) 8 years ago
Funny you are dragging me into this thread...

I have just completed the final tests on a new fine liqueur made from the sweet juice's of the Opuntia polyacantha plant, (the gyphosate-free ones of course). I have decided to name this fine beverage "Responsibly". I will get a significant boost in mandated advertising from my competition; "Please drink Responsibly"
Posted by EMC-CD-Prevention (+12) 8 years ago
The "Let's Control It" alcohol sales and service class scheduled for April 27, 2013 will be changed to Friday May 10, 2013 at 1:30. The location is the same, Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center, 2508 Wilson, Miles City.
Please let me know if you will be attending. 234-1687 xt. 16
[email protected]
Thank you