Looking for a few from CCHS Class of 73.
Posted by Kacey (+3153) 10 years ago
There are some people we are still searching for. If anyone has any contact info please either post here or email.
Thank you for your help.

John Bailey
Kim Barker
Ernie Bartels
Debbie Bowlin
Dan Besel
Rod Carter
Patrick Hatcher
Curtis Hays
Bobi Hollowell
Chuck Holly
Scott Hoskinson
Bruce Lancaster
Frank Larson
Kent Lynch
William McKnight
Gary Morton
Joseph Peterson
Bill Smith
Terry Sweten
Ray Thompson
Jean Viall
Posted by Julie (+413) 10 years ago
Hi Kacey, Bobi Hollowell lives in Texas. You can find her on Facebook as Bobi Florida. Regards ~ Julie
Posted by Kacey (+3153) 10 years ago
Today I received two letters as undeliverable. Both Miles City addresses so if someone could please contact the two or email me with current contact info I would appreciate it.

Bill Bloom and Mike Harzymczuk.

Thank you.

Got updates for both. Thank you!

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Posted by Kacey (+3153) 10 years ago
I am sorry to say that Joseph Peterson passed in 2006.

The address I have for Pete Ellison is no longer valid if anyone has updated info for him.

Thank you.