Miles City Homebrewers
Posted by Dustin Strong (+118) 9 years ago
Hi brewers and beer geeks,

I am interested in starting a homebrewer's club in Miles City. The club would serve as a platform to educate, improve brewing techniques, share tips-tricks, bulk ingredient orders, enjoy great beer, give back to Miles City, and have fun being beer geeks! Whether you are thinking of getting into the hobby or have been brewing for 20+ years, I am very interested in getting this off the ground and cannot do it without the help of fellow brewers. I can be contacted at 853-4332 or [email protected] Brew Strong!
Posted by Kamermand (+15) 9 years ago
Big Brew day is coming and Im all about it!!! [email protected]
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17752) 9 years ago
Good luck to your attempts to start a new homebrewing club in Miles City.

Whatever happened to the old club? It was called "Big Sky Basement Brewers and Blues Revival Society". Anyone know?

Brewing great tasting homebrew in the land of Busch Light can be a trial and a tribulation. To help you on your way, here's a clone recipe for Budweiser Black Crown:
Posted by mp (+8) 9 years ago
Hello Dustin,
Kevin and I have been brewing lately and have also wanted to start a club. We were going to bottle Kevin's IPA this weekend sometime and I have saision that needs be bottled. I was also going to brew again this weekend too. We should get together, brew and discuss the prospects for a club.
Posted by Kerry Kilen (+96) 9 years ago
Lets get it going Dustin ! Summer's coming and i'm Thirsty. Can't beat Brewing on the Tongue River maybe we could invite the Beavers over from Wibox .Give me a call Kerry 406-951-0193