Posted by mcs (+406) 10 years ago
why are there so many power surges with TRECO but MDU customers don't seem to have this issue? we've had close to 10 in the last couple hours. most of them are brief but there have been times before where our power is out for a couple hours at a time.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15535) 10 years ago
There was a intense wind/hail/snow storm that went through the area. The temp went from mid-50s to freezing in a matter of minutes and the wind was over 60 mph.
The surges in power are probably related to the storm. Locally, it knocked out our TV repeater and I didn't get to watch the #99 car win the NASCAR race.
Posted by Joes Pizza (+48) 10 years ago
We have MDU out at Kinsey and Have power problems all the time. Even when there are no storms.
Posted by ungyded (+48) 10 years ago
because TRECO is an absolute joke. thats why.
TRECO is not governed by anyone, as a co-op they pretty much can screw you over with complete immunity.

Once, I lost power 145 times over a 30 day period.
(TRECO employee count, not mine) and after complaining to Alan See, a complete oxygen thief by the way, I was goaded into showing up at a TRECO board meeting over in Ashland.

Other than scaring the crap out of everyone, it accomplished little.
Alan See would not even stand up for himself, and was quite humble with an angry, large individual in front of him.

I am seriously considering going completely off grid because of this joke of a public utility. and the COMPLETE lack of government oversight for the yahoo's that run the co-ops in Montana.

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Posted by Bridgier (+9526) 10 years ago
and the COMPLETE lack of government oversight

But, but, but... it is unpossible that this unregulated entity can't be a complete market success.