Print version of Ray Schmidt's book now available
Posted by Amy Schmidt Ray (+117) 9 years ago
I wanted to let you know the printed version of my dad's book is now available on Here is the link:

Also, I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but both of my parents passed away this month. Their obituary is here:


Ironically, the print version of Dad's book showed up the morning after he passed. He died just before midnight the night before---about 45 minutes after I arrived from Texas to be by his side. I don't know, but maybe things were meant to happen that way.

Amy Schmidt Ray
Posted by Lynne (+132) 9 years ago
I saw the notice in the Star and would like to extend my condolences. I also plan on getting a print version of the book for both Scott and Ward (they don't either one have a kindle).
Lynne Weischedel
Posted by Kacey (+3154) 9 years ago

I have your dad's book and loved it. I have shared it with many. I will be sure and let my other friends without kindles know it's out in print now.

When I read of your mom and dad's passing it broke my heart. They were such wonderful loving people and have left a big void in the world. But I'm sure they are happily strolling hand and hand once again.

My thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family. Thank you for sharing your wonderful parents. They touched more lives than you could ever know.