Miles City & the Cold War (1965)
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10030) 15 years ago
"Science | Seismology: Nuclear Listening Post
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"When the nuclear powers negotiated a test ban treaty in 1963, they were forced to confine their agreement to atmospheric testing. On-the-spot inspections of underground tests were politically unacceptable to the Russians, and remote monitoring by seismographs was considered unreliable. The trouble was, some explosions were likely to go un detected, and low-yield tests, when they were recorded, could not be reliably distinguished from earthquakes. But now, as negotiators are getting back to business again in Geneva, a new element has entered the argument. The U.S. is putting the finishing touches on an ultrasensitive seismic listening post that should enable scientists to refine their capability of detecting, locating and identifying underground bomb explosions.

Built on the prairies of Montana by the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, the $10 million detection facility will go into full operation this fall. Spread out in a giant circle 125 miles in diameter near Miles City, the apparatus consists of 525 seismometers buried 200 ft. deep. They are arranged in 21 smaller circles, each 41 miles in diameter and each as sensitive as the best seismic array the U.S. has built to date. . . . "
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Memories::: Miles City and the Cold War 1950s and 60s Miles City Air Force Sation. have been told a Historic Highway marker about the site will be put up soon.