Things for my 3 year old daughter to do in town?
Posted by Stephanie Molina Carleton (+31) 10 years ago
I heard that Studio M has dance classes but in case they are full is there anything for little kids to do in town. We just moved here a couple months ago and trying to get her some friends. She goes to pre-school but its only 2 days a week for 3 hours. We just don't know if there are things just for the kids or family things?
Posted by cyndie (+350) 10 years ago
You could check at the library. I know they used to have a story hour on certain days...
Posted by RB (+434) 10 years ago
There is MOPS and MOPS playgroup. It's a good way to meet other parents and find her some friends. The next meeting is this Monday at 6:30pm in Grace Bible Church. Daycare is provided
Posted by Robin Holthus (+43) 10 years ago
Join us at DEAP's playgroup! It is held the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 9:30-11 at the First United Methodist Church 24 N. 11th St. We have fun activities for children and parents to do together along with free play so the kiddos can socialize. Snack is provided.
Call Robin or Kim for more information 234-6034
Posted by GVC (+513) 10 years ago
Based on my experience, here is my Miles City "Top Ten List" for your three year old daughter:
1. Sledding
2. Ice skating
3. Taking a friendly dog for a walk
4. Going out to a farm to look at the animals
5. City Library kid's section
6. Airport Inn for pizza and the game room
7. Discovery Pond for the ice cream
8. Swings at the Water Pump Park (or the other parks as well)
9. Watch the trains go by and wave at them
10. Go to a kid's movie at the Montana Theater
Posted by homesweet (+69) 10 years ago
Which farms will let kids come visit? I would love to do that.
Posted by Mandi (+361) 10 years ago
Discovery Pond is an awesome place to visit! The ice cream is the best reason to go but they also have a great book selection, neat toys you don't find anywhere else in town, pet department (what kid doesn't want to look at the fish, birds, kitties, and fluffy rodents?), and an art gallery. The best thing is that they are a locally owned and operated business!! Just my 2 cents...
We also enjoy going for a walk at Spotted Eagle any time of year.
Maybe the dance studio (Mrs. M's) offers classes for that age? Not sure.
Posted by Stephanie Molina Carleton (+31) 10 years ago
Thanks everyone we got her into a ballet class. Im also very interested in the play groups because I as well as my daughter could use some socializing i've only met 1 person since moving here 6 months ago since i'm a stay at home mom and going to school online . I also have a 2 month old son am I allowed to bring him with me? And where is discovery pond?
thanks again
Posted by Jess Bradley (+199) 10 years ago
We would love to have you come to our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)group. It is a great way to meet other Mom's. Our meetings are the first and third Mondays every month at Grace Bible Church at 6:30 p.m. Childcare is provided or you can keep the kiddos with you if you prefer. We also do a playgroup as someone already mentioned. If you are interested and are on Facebook, you can like are page, Grace Bible MOPS of Miles City. If you have any questions you can ask on there or you can contact me @ 853-2515. If you are not familiar with MOPS groups you can go to there website for more information as well,
Hope to see you!!
Posted by Mandi (+361) 10 years ago
Discovery pond is on Main and 9th street.