Jobie's Editorial
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+1772) 8 years ago
Jobie's editorial was run in last night's Star. For those that don't get the paper or simply missed it, the text is reproduced for your convenience below. Thank you once again!


Dear Editor:

The Fifth Annual Recycle to Jobie is drawing to a close. Once again, our friends and supporters have been very generous in recycling their decorations, both edibles and straw, to Jobie so that he will have a more pleasant winter. There is the additional bonus that this frees up resources to continue Jobie's ever increasing correspondence with those that are in need of a bit of Jobie sunshine to brighten their days!

As a small measure of thanks, we continue to expand Jobie's art gallery on (search "Jobie" to see the pictures and read the stories). At last count, there had been over 4,500 "hits" to Jobie's pictures and calendar, including one from an artist in Berry, Australia who left a positive comment. It is our hope that the art gallery serves as a thank you to the community, as well as being another element in Jobie's outreach to others. We believe Jobie has been a good ambassador for the community.

As indicated in both the dedication and acknowledgments of Jobie's book, "Dear Grandma . . . Love, Jobie: Letters from a Black Angus Terrier", Jobie would not be what he is today were it not for the support of our community. Once again, we thank you!

Karen & Jobie Morris
Miles City