Posted by Don Birkholz (+1327) 9 years ago
I remember the first day of gym class, Bob would look around the class gathered around the locker room and say "The circus has left town and all the clowns have left with the circus".

I don't know why he seemed to look at me so long.

I also remember racing to the locker room after a class let out, racing to get my clothes off, racing to the gym floor to shoot the basketball, then, remembering I had forgot to put my gym shorts on over my underwear, racing back to the locker room, and remembering Bob got a chuckle at that, which I did not think was so funny.
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1439) 9 years ago
He used to call me "Dan'l" with a big voice - like on Cheers when Norm walked through the door.

Felt pretty special.

He was really good to us kids even though we were... well... High Schoolers, ha ha.
Posted by Matt - Schmitz (+168) 9 years ago
For a few years after I graduated, there was always an alumni basketball tourney at the gym, between Christmas and New Years. Years 76-77 versus 72-73, set up like that. Usually about a dozen or so teams, and it was always a blast. Bragging rights ya know. Mr Nees was the ref during one of those games I was playin in, and it got late in the game. We were down by about 6 points or so, and we decided that we needed to start fouling the other team, and hope they would miss their free throws so we could get back in the game. Evidently we were running late, and Mr Nees decided that there would be no more free throws. Just get the game over. I very politely suggested to him that if we weren't allowed the chance to get back in the game, he should just call it over before somebody got hurt. He looked at me and said "Well son of a bitch. I never thought of that. You deserve a chance to get back in the game. I guess we shoot free throws until the game is over" We got lucky, they missed all their free throws, and we came back to win the game. After the game, Mr Nees approached me and thanked me for pointing out his mistake. He was thrilled that I was "man" enough to speak my mind to him. His words, not mine. We had always gotten along well, but it went to another level after that day. He was the first of the "old guard" to treat me as an equal. I will never forget that.
I was on the driving range at the golf course one time, and Coach Nees was there working with 2 kids. He walked over to me, and with that big grin on his face, asked me if I had "bought that swing at a garage sale?" We laughed our asses off, and he gave me a couple of swing tips that I still think about every time I play golf. He was a great man, and Miles City is blessed to have had his talents with us for so many years. RIP Coach!

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Posted by David Schott (+17178) 9 years ago
I remember one time when Bob Nees was substitute-teaching CCDHS auto shop class for Allen Folsom. This was in 1984 or 1985. As is often the case when there is a sub. the majority of the class goofed off and generally misbehaved for the entire period.

When class ended Mr. Nees asked me to stick around. I thought, "Uh oh, what have I done wrong?" Mr. Nees said that he had been watching the class and that I was the only one who did what I was supposed to be doing. He thanked me for not acting like a clown and said that it would pay off in the long run. I haven't forgotten that.

To me, Bob Nees was the very embodiment of Miles City sports. It seemed like he never missed a sporting event -- be he the coach, referee, volunteer, participant or spectator. I'm sad to hear that he's gone but what a great life he led.