Dance Studio in Miles City
Posted by akh2314 (+6) 9 years ago
Can anyone give me some information on the dance studio in town. I have tried to call and never got an answer and never had anyone call me back. I am wanting to know at what age they accept kids and what all they offer and maybe a phone number. Thanks in advance.
Posted by susan a. (+72) 9 years ago
I have 951-0178 as a phone #. You could probably stop by sometime in the afternoon or early evening. I think age 3 is when they can start classes.

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Posted by j2r (+135) 9 years ago
Hi! Just thought I would give you some more info. The number mentioned in the previous post is correct. Mila is busy busy, it might be easiest just to come on by the studio to catch her! Classes start at age 2 for ballet and tap. Tumbling, clogging, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, Zumba, competition dance team, and cheer are also offered.

Northern Pacific Gymnastics is also at the dance studio (upstairs) starting at age 6.

Hope this helps! Studio M is fantastic and fun!!
Posted by Mufasa (+87) 9 years ago
When one owns a business, one should never be too busy to call a potential customer.