Posted by ALVIN SWINDLER (+63) 11 years ago
Is there a local hockey league or events in miles city???
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12826) 11 years ago
They have been pouring concrete for the new permanent rink out at the Agri-Sports building at the Fairgrounds, which may have put them a bit behind on actually skating. So, yes, there will be hockey, just not until the concrete cures and the rink can be set up.
Posted by Janel Larson (+126) 11 years ago
Dumb question but does the "permanent rink" mean that there will be no more horse shows and such at the Agri Sports building?
Posted by D. Rice (+107) 11 years ago
There will still be the 6 month split between Hockey and Ag events. Hockey will bring in a sufficient amount of dirt to cover the concrete floor after their 6 months are up, the same as the Metra in Billings does for horse events. The difference to hockey will be a savings of thousands of man hours in setup each year (the new "permanent" refrigeration in the concrete and mounting brackets for the boards in particular). The concrete floor can also be used for other non-Ag events in the summers (car or equipment shows, etc.) Future phases will likely include permanent concessions, elevated and enclosed heated/cooled viewing areas, etc. I'm not on the hockey board - just a hockey dad - but this is my understanding.

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