Local Guard Members and Families
Posted by Julie H (+199) 16 years ago
When I originally posted this message I had the rewarding opportunity to photograph a man in uniform that was returning to Iraq. Ironically, 2 days later, the opportunity came along again. I was able to photograph a Marine in his dress blues.

Last week I met a man and his family for a family portrait session. But not just any session. This one was just before he was to return to Iraq on his 2nd tour. This man, is a fellow Miles Citian. I photographed him in uniform in front of the United States Flag. This was a site to remember and an experience for me. Every man in the military should be honored.

An open offer for ANYONE leaving for an Iraq tour -- I would like to offer you the chance to come into I Gallery Studio to he photographed in any uniform. This one image is of no charge and is one image that will be treasured for life.

Eventually, I hope to be able to display these photos together for the community to appreciate.

I can be reached at I Gallery Studio, 234-2448 to set up a time for a session. Don't wait until the last minute.

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