Seabeck Pizza closed this week in observance of
Posted by Chad (+1763) 9 years ago
...Amanda having yet another BABY!

She is a baby making machine, this is the second in a successful series of cute and charming babies. How does she do it?

Seabeck Pizza will re-open soon, as soon as someone can start making our delightful fresh made from scratch daily dough, also as soon as someone can combine that dough with our fresh and diverse blend of cheeses, toppings, and magical ingredients, gently place it in a hot oven, & melt them together, then serve it to you with a smile .

Watch for the Open sign in the near future and please continue to crave Seabeck Pizza and Subs in the meantime. PLEASE do not I repeat, DO NOT satisfy your pizza craving elsewhere.

This message is completely true and no animals were used or harmed in its production, therefore, I approve this message, please vote for us at or at
Posted by Kacey (+3159) 9 years ago