Types Of People
Posted by Mufasa (+87) 9 years ago
There are 10 types of people,

those who understand binary and those who do not.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+766) 9 years ago
The problem with the 10 types of people is all you have to do is flip your bit to switch types.
Posted by MilesCity.com Webmaster (+10014) 9 years ago
There are only 10 types of people in the world - those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who mistake it for binary.
Posted by Larry W. Dann (+58) 9 years ago
0110111000111001 10101010101
Hope I did not forget any periods or commas.
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6172) 9 years ago
You nerd types are so cute.
Posted by Courtney Spire (+129) 9 years ago
Another number. Not quite too familiar with the number concept of the equations, but how the mind works is quite astounding!

"12 people go off into a room... 12 different minds, 12 different hearts, from 12 different walks of life; 12 sets of eyes, ears, shapes, and sizes. And these 12 people are asked to judge another human being as different from them as they are from each other. And in their judgment, they must become of one mind - unanimous. It's one of the miracles of man's disorganized soul that they can do it, and in most instances, do it right well. God bless juries."
>>Anatomy of a Murder - 1959

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