Posted by Jamie and JoDean (+376) 10 years ago
Would one in Miles City get used? Video games, pool tables, xbox tournaments, playstation tournaments? Would something like this be feasable in Miles City? Any input is appreciated!
Posted by JessicaLee (+153) 10 years ago
I know of many kids that would take advantage of something like this including my own. The tavern is only place with games and pool but my kids don't go because in my opinion its more a bar. I think its a awesome idea.
Posted by Ben Dover (+111) 10 years ago
I don't know if Paul Bergman (respiratory therapist) is still in MC, but he used to own the arcade that was by Bill's Mini-Market. He might be a good source of information.
Posted by Courtney Spire (+120) 10 years ago
I think that something like a community arcade would be a grand idea! I am pretty new to the area myself, and asked around the college folk what there was to do around town, usually getting bland answers like "nothing" or "partying" came up and about though. Not very constructive answers it seems.
But the idea of an Arcade or some sort of Recreation Hall would be a great and constructive "hang out" spot to allow the young folk in town to mingle and stay out of trouble. Gives something to do on days where activity seems scarce. Maybe have games, like pool, board games, card games and what have you (but not so much Bar related), and have like a community movie night every week and maybe club or organisation meetings for people to get more interactive into the community!