I Want Insurance Reform
Posted by bioforce (+12) 15 years ago
The Government makes you have auto insurance (which I think we can all agree is fine) but they don't regulate how incredibly expensive it is or how repairs to cars aren't done right 95% of the time. Did you know that many insurance companies use after market parts to fix your car instead of OEM parts? Some of my local political leaders have let me know they want to do more about this. One even had it happen to him. Personally I think it's nuts. If we are going to have laws that force us to pay outrageous fees for this insurance shouldn't we have laws that protect us when we need that insurance? Take a look at this video I happen to find about a mother with twin baby girls and what her insurance company is doing to her. (http://www.claimsreporter.com/geico3) This is much more common than you would think.

Now I firmly believe in less government but in this case something needs to be done.
Posted by Kacey (+3151) 15 years ago
How about reforms on homeowners insurance regulations? Montana passed a law that if you turn in ONE claim that you are a bad risk. Then you have to go to another company at twice the premium. Just a warning for anyone who needs their roof replaced after a hail storm. As for car insurance, they base your car insurance premiums on your credit report. Again, totally unfair. It should be based on your driving record and type of car and coverage.
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15423) 15 years ago
I have a question. Can someone site a case where increased government regulation of the insurance industry resulted in long-term lower consumer costs?