Found Kittin
Posted by Tnuhotevil (+105) 9 years ago
Young grey and white cat found on Main St and Cale on the 9th of October. Grey body, white face, and white paws. Very cute. Gets along great with dogs, house broke as well. Appears to have been someones family cat. Cat is very young. Barely out of kittin stage. Most loving friendly cat I've seen. Can text pictures or email picturs if need be. Advertised on KIKC, and at both vet clinics as well as the animal shelter. I will give original owner one week to contact me about cat. If no replys in one week, cat will be up for adoption to anyone that wants a GREAT cat. Litter box included. This is the nicest house kittin I've seen. Crazy how friendly/loving she is. No fear of dogs. Call anytime. Leave message on phone. I rarely check