Yellowstone Rodeo Company
Posted by clancee k collins (+166) 8 years ago
Howdy; Has anyone out there ever heard of a rodeo company started right here in Miles City? Circa: 1916-1924. My grandfather was a calvary remount rider during WWI and when the war ended he and a bunch of local cowboys started a rodeo company. It traveled around the West and visited many places locally. He told me that it was a bunch of Army boys and rough neck bronc riders that started it. If anyone has any information, please let me know. I have a picture with about twenty cowboys who belonged in the rodeo. It did not last very long but it was an actual traveling rodeo company. They did bull-doggin',trick roping, saddle and bareback riding. I will try to get it published in the Miles City Star, to get replys. If you think one of your grandfathers or great grandfathers were in this picture please, let me know. I will let you look at it if you think that is possible. Thank-You. (406)234-8941 or (406)360-4254.