White Tiger Martial Arts Classes
Posted by HLL84 (+9) 10 years ago
White Tiger Martial Arts Association is now accepting students ages 6 and up. (4 & 5 year olds, PeeWee, if there's enough interest)

Classes will be held on Saturdays from 4 - 5 pm at Studio M in Miles City.

Please contact Sensei Bucky (James Loomis) at 853-3763 if you have any questions in regards to classes or prices.

If you are interested in classes for yourself or your child(ren) you are welcome to join us and see how classes go.

Thank you
Posted by Samantha (+118) 10 years ago
I have a 5 yr old that asks me everyday if he can do karate.
Posted by jkeith (+61) 10 years ago
Bucky does a great job with the kids my daughter did this for several years and it is a great program
Posted by worldmom (+414) 10 years ago
What kind of martial arts do you teach?
Posted by HLL84 (+9) 10 years ago
If your son is interested and you would both like to see what classes entail, I encourage you to come watch a class on Saturday afternoons. We are at Studio M from 4:00 - 5:00 for class.

As far as the type of Martial Arts style that we use, it is an Americanized style of Karate, incorporating aspects of several styles of martial arts. Again, I encourage anyone interested for themselves or someone else to come and visit us at class. If you have any other questions regarding White Tiger classes you can also contact me at 853-3763 after 4:30 pm M-F and on the weekends.

Thank you,
Sensei Bucky Loomis