Posted by Slosh (+701) 16 years ago
I was just driving home from the grocery store and the artist alert on my sirius player alerted me and told me that Modest Mouse was playing on channell 111.

Obviously, I hit the button to go listen to Modest Mouse and I was shocked to find that it was playing in Cosmo Radio (as in the women's magazine.)

It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me that Modest Mouse would be played on Cosmo. I'm basing this off my girlfriend's reaction to Modest Mouse. I'm sure there are plenty of women that enjoy Modest Mouse, but on Cosmo Radio. I hear them all the time on Alt Nation and the indie station, but this struck me as odd.

What really did it for me was when the song was playing, I looked up at the player and on the screen this message scrolled across "Got Drama? Call Cosmo Radio at whatever the number was" That about did it for me.

I realize this has nothing to do with anything. I'm really not that upset about what happened. I just haven't said anything on here in awhile and figured I would waste five minutes of your time.


Posted by T4TX (+41) 16 years ago
The channel lineup usually updates whenever there are channel changes. I haven't ever used an artist alert, this is the first time I ever saw anything about it. Could the alert be based on an old channel list?

Sometimes in the morning while driving to work I tune in to Howard 100. One time I did that and a bunch of us went out to lunch at noon. I got into the vehicle and hit the ignition and was greeted with stream of Howard's trash talk, which caused me some embarrassment when I saw the surprised looks on their faces. Pretty hard to explain away, so I tune into something safe before I shut the ignition off. Actually I haven't listened to Howard in a while.

The thing that upsets me most is to look at Sirius' stock price.

It is nice to be able to drive 350 miles and listen to the same station all the way or any other channel you chose without thinking about driving out of range of the signal.
Posted by Slosh (+701) 16 years ago
I think it's the newer players. You can save 30 artists or songs, and whenever one of your artists is being played throughout the network it gives you an alert. It's pretty handy.