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Posted by Sharon Cunningham (+12) 14 years ago
I need a complete copy of a newspaper article that appeared in the Yellowstone Journal, July 18, 1938, titled: "Judge Eugene McCarthy of Kalispell Hunted
Buffalo in Yellowstone County When A Lad of Ten Years..."

I would be most appreciative if someone in Miles City could go to wherever the old newspapers are housed and either scan this article and attach it to an email to me at: [email protected]

or copy it and send it to me at:

Sharon Cunningham, co-author/editor
The Encyclopedia of Buffalo Hunters & Skinners
Pioneer Press
P.O. Box 684
Union City TN 38281

Please also send a bill for your time, copying/scanning, etc. I've just got about 1/3 of this story, and need the whole thing to make sense of what I do have....

Thanks in advance for anything anyone can do for me on this project.

Posted by Amorette Allison (+11432) 14 years ago
Sharon, guess who you know who does the "Stardust" column for the Star and is one of the few people who is supposed to touch the original papers? (They are off limits to the general public because people take scissors and razor blades to them.) Hmmmm?

Oh, and I'm not sure the YJ was still publishing in 1938. It was most likely the Star by then. I'll check.

I'll try to get this to you as well as the cost of mailing to England. I'm a bit behind on things. That bug has been going around. . .


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Posted by Amorette Allison (+11432) 14 years ago
I have the cost of mailing the book but am not doing so well on the other. The Star has nothing for July 18, 1938. I did find two little bound tabloids called "The Miles City Bulletin and Yellowstone Journal" for part of 1936 and part of 1937 but nothing from 1938. Library doesn't even have those. We're drawing a blank but we'll keep looking.