Cowboys Football Schedule?
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+766) 10 years ago
Does anyone have the Cowboys football schedule?

How do they look for the upcoming year?
Posted by MR (+392) 10 years ago
The schedule is on the new Cowboy Cards. First game this Saturday night at 6 p.m. against Powell.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+766) 10 years ago
I still have to find someone to buy the card from. That is why I was asking about the schedule.

Is it a home game?

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Posted by boxdmc (+95) 10 years ago
8/25 Powell Home 6pm
8/31 Dickinson Away
9/7 Havre Home 6pm
9/14 Belgrade Away
9/21 Laurel Home
9/29 BC Away
10/5 Glendive Home
10/12 Sidney Away
10/19 Hardin Home
All games not marked are at 7pm

GO Cowboys!!