Posted by Tina Pierce (+72) 10 years ago
Does anyone have any suggestions on daycares that would have an opening for an infant towards the end of October? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
Posted by S (+123) 10 years ago
Deap should have a list of state approved daycares....hope that helps.
Posted by Sarah Peterson (+378) 10 years ago
Hi Tina,
Montana has moved to a centralized child care referral system that can generate a list of child care to meet your needs. Log on to, click on "I Need Help Finding Child Care" and then click on Child Care Needs Form. Or call a referral specialist directly toll free at 855-406-CARE. They will be able to give you results within 2 days by mail, phone, email, or fax of registered/licensed child care providers.

We're happy to help you through the process and can provide you with a phone and/or a computer if you should need - just stop by DEAP Child Care Education & Support at 2200 Box Elder and ask for Bernice or Sarah.

~Sarah Peterson
DEAP Child Care Education & Support
Posted by Ms Dinger (+190) 10 years ago
Sorry Tina I never got back to you. I lost your number. But yes, unfortunately we are full. I'll ask around the Daycare "loop" to see if anyone knows of any openings. Can you please text me again so I can get your number again?