Adopted Cat from East Main
Posted by Jnine (+10) 10 years ago
If the person who adopted Muffin (Sybil), about 3 weeks ago from east main would please contact me in some way it would be greatly appreciated. When my mom had to go to the rest home I took her cat for her, but I couldn't keep her because I am moving. My mother is very upset and just wants to know that Sybil is ok and happy. (She is a Gray full blood simese). Just drop a note and picture if you would in the mail too: Jnine Dittus 3704 Batchelor Miles City, Mt. 59301 no return address if you don't want to. I know East Main couldn't give the info fo privacy purposes and I understand. I just want to reasure my mom that she is ok and happy. Also, thank you very much for adopting her
Thank you,
Jnine Dittus
Posted by Jessica Culver (+77) 10 years ago
It wasn't me, but I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is that your mom is so concerned and you'd do this for her. Good luck!